Developing a Strong Thesis StatementDeveloping a Strong Thesis Statement Unit4_Assignment_example.docx Unit4_Assignment_Rubric.docxIn this unit’s Assignment, you will write a persuasive thesis statement
related to an argument for change and evaluate the effectiveness of that
argument using the Toulmin Model.
You will write three well-developed paragraphs addressing the following:
Part I: First of all, you will revise the provisional thesis statement that you
generated in the previous unit Discussion. Make sure the thesis is concise (1–2
sentences) and clearly expresses a persuasive argument related to your topic.
Then, identify what type of claim your thesis expresses (policy, value, cause,
etc.) and discuss why you think this thesis will be an effective one.
Part II: Next, describe how you will use the appeals of logos, ethos, and pathos
to make your argument more compelling to your audience.
Part III: Finally, evaluate your argument based on the Toulmin Model. Describe
the warrant (assumption), note possible challenges you might face in supporting
this argument and what rebuttals will be needed, and determine whether the
argument is susceptible to any logical fallacies and whether qualifiers would help
to avoid those fallacies.
Noted below are the specific requirements for this Assignment:
Title page in APA manuscript format
APA manuscript format throughout (e.g., 12-point font, double
spacing, and 1-inch margins)
If any references are made to sources, they are cited in APA 6th
edition style both in-text and on a separate references page
What jobs are most likely to be underpaid and under-appreciated?
Unit 4 Assignment Example: Tablets for SAISD Students
Steve Smith
Kaplan University
Please note that this is a sample Unit4 Assignment to help inspire and guide your own
original writing of the Assignment. Be sure to review the Assignment instructions and grading
rubric, complete each task in the instructions, and contact the instructor with any questions.
Tablets for SAISD Students
Julian Castro, a keynote speaker at the 2012 Democratic Convention, touted San
Antonio’s innovative education programs like Pre-K for SA and Café College, programs meant
to give academically unprepared or impoverished students greater opportunities (Castro, 2012).
America is a place of opportunity, but the government must provide the resources for achieving
the American dream, and he believes education is the foundation for this upward mobility
(Castro, 2012). Providing students in the San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD) with
tablets will offer just such an opportunity. In order to improve academic performance and help
SAISD students compete with peers in higher-rated districts when applying to college, the
district needs to provide every high school student with an electronic tablet; this will encourage
more learning outside of the classroom and increase mastery of skills.
The appeals of logos, ethos, and pathos will all be beneficial for persuading an audience.
As evidence that students in the district need this boost, one needs only look at how the SAISD
students compare to others in the state of Texas. One evaluator of Texas schools, Local School
Directory, indicates that the district’s graduation rate is 51.5%, more than 20% below the state
average, while the dropout rate of 10.9 % is more than double the state’s average of 4% (2014).
Citing well-respected innovators like Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Khan Academy’s Salman
Khan, who promote technology as a way to provide teachers with the tools they need to
motivate, challenge, and support students, will also strengthen the argument that technology can
make a difference. Finally, including specific examples showing that students can make dramatic
improvements thanks to technology could appeal to pathos while also providing further
evidence. A key element of ethos will be to acknowledge and address potential objections: some
voice concerns that technology costs too much to make the investment advisable, while others
fret that technology will dehumanize education. Such concerns ignore the steep costs schools
already pay to textbook publishers and the ways that technology can actually personalize
Based on the thesis statement and fact that all appeals can be used, this argument would
fit the Toulmin Model. The assumption (warrant) the audience should agree with is that anything
that could benefit students’ learning and create greater opportunities should be attempted. As
noted above, challenges like cost and dehumanization caused by technology would need to be
addressed. Minnesota’s Byron ISD experiment suggests that that technology combined with a
thoughtful pedagogy can have a positive impact on learning, and that technology can even
reduce costs. Teachers realized that designing their own curriculum meant they could adapt the
curriculum as needed; technology actually afforded them the opportunity to personalize their
students’ learning (Fulton, 2013), and they were able to abandon costly textbooks (Fulton, 2013).
Anecdotal and cause/effect fallacies will be the main ones to avoid. While examples are helpful
for supporting an argument, an audience will not be convinced that the school district should
spend this money without numerous, reliable examples and studies from credible institutions that
show technology improves test scores and graduation rates.
Castro, A. (2011, January 19). Texas cutting $5 billion from public schools. The Huffington Post.
Retrieved from
Fulton, K. (2013). Byron’s flipped classrooms. Education Digest, 79(1), 22–26. (2014). San Antonio Independent School District. Retrieved from
CM220 Unit 4 Assignment Rubric
Meets Expectations
(40-50 points)
The Assignment includes three well-developed paragraphs. The first
includes a persuasive thesis statement, identifies the type of claim it
represents, and discusses why the thesis will be effective. The second
describes how the student will use logical appeals to make the
argument compelling. The third evaluates the argument based on the
Toulmin Model.
The paragraphs are logically organized, and sentences are clear and
concise. The Assignment does not have major errors in spelling,
grammar, punctuation, or sentence structure.
If ideas are drawn from sources, they are used appropriately and cited
both in-text and on a separate references page.
The Assignment is formatted in APA 6th edition style and includes a title
page and a references page if sources are used.
Meets Some
The Assignment may only be one paragraph, or paragraphs are not
well-developed. Paragraphs may not address the assigned prompts.
(30-39 points)
Paragraphs are not logically organized, sentences are wordy or
confusing, or Assignment has significant grammar, punctuation, or
sentence structure errors.
The Assignment does not use information from sources properly
(failure to cite in-text, for example).
The Assignment is not formatted in APA 6th edition style.
Does Not Meet
Assignment meets few or none of the assignment criteria or has so
many errors that understanding meaning is difficult.
(29 points-below)
Topic selection is inappropriate or not researchable.
It may be plagiarized. A plagiarized Assignment will result in a “0.”
Plagiarism is a violation of Kaplan’s Academic Integrity Policy.
Assignments that are plagiarized will receive a “0.”

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