this project you may select any company- profit or non-profit, one that
offers products or services. The only requirement is that it be a
publicly held corporation easily found in business databases. Faculty
approval for your selected company must be secured before you begin
and there will be no duplicate selection of firms.  
Project Company Analysis – Part 1 – Overview, History and Current Structure – Due Week 1 Day 7
APA format (see your APA guide and additional tools under the Resources
Navigation Link), complete an overview of the organization, its history
and its current place in the market. Be sure to include the following:
Name of the organization and all subsidiaries or strategic business unitsHistorical perspective on the organization.Scope of the business and current products or services providedScope of market distribution – are they global or regional etc.Overview of the leadership and management structure and individualsIdentify current issues that may affect the future of the organizationProperly cited sources and reference pageThe file must include the week number, first initial, and last name of the student. Example Week1_MStudent.docx
The completed paper should be 5  pages in length. 
This paper, and all papers in our course, should be properly formatted according to APA guidelines.

 The company i chose is Comcast cable.  
I attached a sample of how the paper should be.  I wrote this before but its for Honda motors instead of Comcast cable
week1paper_ivy_0.docRunning head: HONDA MOTORS
Honda Motor Company Analysis
Ivy Nimley
BUSN 520 Marketing and Management
Davenport University – School of Business
July 14, 2015
Professor Phil Shaps
Running head: HONDA MOTORS
Table of Content
Honda Motor Company, scope of its current business, current products and subsidiaries……….3
Historical Perspective on Honda Motor Company………………………………………………..4
Scope of Honda Motor Company’s market distribution – are they global or regional etc………..5
Overview of the Honda’s leadership and management structure and individuals ………………..6
Current Issues that may affect the future of the Honda Motor Company…………………………7
Running head: HONDA MOTORS
Honda Motor Company, scope of its current business, current products and subsidiaries
The Honda Motor Company is a global based corporation in Japan that is involved with
manufacturing automobiles, motorcycles and power equipment. The corporation has been
accredited as the largest supplier of motorcycles for several years, it is also the largest producer
of interior combustion engines globally, selling of fourteen million engines annually. Presently
the Honda Motor Company is rated among the eight largest manufacturers of automobiles
internationally. Automobiles, power equipment’s and motorcycles are not the only products the
company has to offer. The company is also involved in manufacturing garden equipment,
watercrafts, marine engines, and generators. In addition the company has had its eye on taking
steps in commercializing artificial intelligence, aero engines, robotics and aerospace technology.
“Honda has a very healthy financial record, it has never fallen into the danger zone since its
inception” (Mie, 2015).
The Honda Chas been very successful in the automobile market, this success is attributed
to the various customer focused vehicles they provide. The vehicles are not only customer
oriented they are also manufactured putting in mind the various regions that influence their
market. For example a vehicles in North America may not be similar to vehicles of the same
model in the international market. The highest revenues earner for the Honda Company is the
motorcycle. Though the company had to reduce its motorcycle manufacturing from 3 million to
500,000 annually since 2006, it still remains the largest motorcycle manufacturer. Honda also
has other interests like building robots, aircraft solar cells, engines, and ATV and mountain
Running head: HONDA MOTORS
Honda occurs to have several branches that are liable for the diverse interests the
company is pursuing in fresh fields. The first subsidiary was the luxury brand known as the
Acura. This brand was launched in the year 1986 as a pioneer of its kind among Japanese
automobiles. The second subsidiary is the Honda aircraft company whose main focus is the
aircraft technologies and aerospace. The second subsidiary is in charge of fresh machinery in
fuel efficiency and aero-dynamics. The other is the solar cells subsidiary known as the Honda
Soltec, which was the pioneer in providing the thin-film solar cells for manufacturing and
communal use. Last but not least is the Brazilian subsidiary referred to as the “Moto Honda da
Amaonia”, that is in charge of introducing varieties of Honda products that are known to fuelsupple. The other subsidiaries are assembled in accord with whatever purpose they are intended
(Sakiya, 1982).
Historical Perspective on Honda Motor Company
Soichiro Honda founded the company, however he did not start by building vehicles.
Soichiro started by supplying Toyota with piston rings, he learnt about engines form a company
known as Tokai Seiki. After the world war two, Toyota bought Tokai Seiki, and it was during
that time that Soichiro opened the Honda Research Centre. The two began studying and
mounting engines that could be attached to bicycles and motorcycles. 1949 was the year that the
Honda Company manufactured its first complete motorcycle referred to as the Model That
development elevated the company to greater heights and by 1964 it was already the largest
supplier of motorcycles globally.
Nevertheless they did not get into the manufacturing of vehicles until 1963, when they
introduced the mini pick-up truck for both communal and industrial use. The sports car s500 was
Running head: HONDA MOTORS
created where its main feature was the chain connecting the vehicles engine with its back wheels.
This design was adopted for most of the motorcycles that were developed later on. For the next
ten years the company expanded and sold the two automobiles it had developed. During that
decade the company had grown and it went ahead and opened a branch in America known as the
Honda of America.
The company had very unique vehicle designs that made it famous and very successful,
this success was celebrated by opening branches all over the world. The Acura brand was
introduced as a luxury brand into the American marketplace.
The trucks and sports utility cars created a market boom boosting the company further.
However when the founder passed on its Japanese competitors took advantage to try and
penetrate the market causing a decrease in Hondas popularity. The competition caused the
company lost of sales it was almost collapsing financially, it was at the verge of a hostile
takeover but the CEO came up with a plan in time. The company changed its strategy and started
making cars for buyers instead engineers. That move led to the development of the CV-R and
Odyssey (Kato, Omae& Nagao, 2005). The Honda aircraft company was launched in 1995
whose main task was manufacturing aircraft carrying the Honda name.
Scope of market distribution – are they global or regional etc.
The Honda motor company is a global corporation which has its customer base spread all
over the globe. The organization has distributed its market into three sections; japan, global
market and sports. The Japanese marketplace was the principal one for the corporation and it
created a market for two automobiles the Toyota and Nissan. Japan was the main market place
but due to the competition these brands brought the company was forced to spread and distribute
Running head: HONDA MOTORS
its products internationally. Apart from distributing its products all over the world the company
was forced to also open several stores and production plants to serve its diverse customer base.
New Zealand, United Kingdom and Argentina were the first countries the company promoted it
products. The company became a renowned sponsor in the ITV’s reporting of the formula one
race in the United Kingdom. The company also creates vehicles that are only meant for certain
markets. The fact that the company has stores all over the world plus manufacturing plants is a
clear indication of how the company is concerned with the international market. This is because
the international market is the main clientele base. The other major clientele is the sports
segment. The company is either directly involved in sporting events like the Indy racing league
or it sponsors events such as formula one races.
Overview of the leadership and management structure and individuals
Soichiro Honda founded the company and Takahiro Hachigo is heading the company
now. The company has always been guided by the philosophy that all the ideas must be
imaginative and innovative, this has been a company policy that even the management seek to
instill in every member of the organization. This was because both imagination and innovation
made sure the corporation took time to consider everything and approach every decision from
different perspective. When that happens any individual is able to analyze an issue and come up
with different ways to deal with it and get the best results. This method puts critical
consideration into the horizontal mechanism of decision making which is important to an
organization. This ensures the company operates in a bendable state because the task forces and
the team members can be given different task depending on the need. Finally, the arrangement is
enhanced in a way that both personal and organizational freedoms are in unity. The topmost
Running head: HONDA MOTORS
managers of the company create a matrix that encourages free interactions and stimulate both
individual initiative and team strategy (Mito, 2012).
Current Issues that may affect the future of the organization
A number of issues are currently being talked about in the news today are affecting the company.
The first issue is on production, the Honda Company is planning to produce and sell across
borders more than 100,000 motorbikes from Vietnam before the end of the year 2015. This is
guided by an ambitious plan to increase its export to Vietnam by double and also become the
largest supplier of motorbikes around Asia. In addition the company plans to revamp its
customer offerings, through introducing high end motor bikes where they had previous
purchases. This move is meant to boosts its sales in the short term. The company is also on a
mission to attract new clientele, through introducing new improved motorbikes. If this does not
happen the company will suffer a major loss considering all the investments they put in trying to
get new clients.
The major concern for Honda now is the recent increase in number of recalls from its products,
the main problem for people has been the recent emergence of cars with faulty airbags, which are
being manufactured by a Japanese supplier Takata. The recent complains led to the management
taking action and replacing the current company president Mr. Ito with Takahiro who is 55. The
president’s duties have been supervising the operations of its European and Chinese automakers.
This change will be effective as soon as possible when the shareholders have their annual
meeting. Honda said that is not off the company but will be the senior adviser to the company
(Soble, 2015). Not much is known about Mr. Ito’s replacement but people think he is no
different to all other presidents Honda has had over the years. Since the company is facing
Running head: HONDA MOTORS
several problems right now we can only hope the new president will provide a good direction to
the company better than his predecessors’ have done in the recent past. The company’s progress
is relying on his direction.
Running head: HONDA MOTORS
Sakiya, T. (1982). Honda Motor: The Men, the Management, , the Machines . New York:
Kodansha International.
Kato, T., Omae, A., & Nagao, D. (2005). U.S. Patent No. D512,001. Washington. DC:
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
Mito, S. (2012). The Honda book of management: A leadership philosophy for high
industrial success.
Soble, J. (2015) Honda, Grappling With Quality Problems, Will Replace Its President.
Retrieve on july 12, 2015 from website
Mie, A. (2015) Behind the Wheel: Honda thinks outside the box. Retrieved on July 12, 2015
from website

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